Get Paid For Booking Taxis

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Get paid for booking a taxi from West Cornwall Cars. Earn 10% from every booking that you send our way.

If you work in a bar, hotel, guest house, school, care home, tourist attraction, transport company or anywhere where you are in a position to order taxis for people then you can now get rewarded for your bookings. Just quote your ID when booking and as a thank you, you will get paid 10% of the price of the cab.

Complete the online form and choose your affiliate ID. This will have to be something youll need to remember as youll need to quote it when you book a cab for someone. Everything else is done automatically.

It’s a simple, secure system that supports people that support us.

On the 16th of every month you will get paid 10% of everything you referred to us on the previous month. It goes into your paypal automatically so there is nothing you need to do once the taxis are booked.

The money you can earn is unlimited so sign up now by pressing the button below and start getting paid to book taxis.

Sign Up

If you go to the Partners link in the menu of this site then you can see all of your booking history, payments and updates and Ill add a few posts later on explaining all of this but for now you can sign up and start earning.

If anyone has any questions or problems then feels free to get hold of us using the usual methods.