Money Being Raised For Nicole Parsons

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Money is being raised now for Nicole Parsons Playhouse. Below is a direct copy of a story from The Cornishman about some customers of ours and their quest for a playhouse for their disabled daugher:

The family of an eight-year-old girl suffering from a severe life-limiting illness say their dream of giving her a playhouse has been left unfulfilled. Nicole Parsons suffers from a rare condition known as Aicardi syndrome, which has left her blind, unable to walk and allergic to sunlight. She also suffers regular, violent fits.


In the past year the St Just youngster has fallen severely ill twice, requiring lengthy stays in hospital. Her mum Sherry, 31, and partner Daniel, decided to build a playhouse for her birthday which would house her medical equipment so she could spend time outside.


After hiring a local firm at a cost of £630, work began on the 10ft by 10ft structure in her back garden. But after a dispute with the building firm, the playhouse remains unfinished and Sherry has been told by another builder it will need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Now Sherry and Daniel, who are unable to afford to complete the work themselves, are left with an incomplete structure in their back garden. Nicole is still stuck indoors.


Sherry said: Nicoles illness means all of her medical equipment is with her all the time which means her two brothers and two sisters cant touch or play with her. She spends a lot of time in bed because she cant go outside. We recently moved to a house with a garden for the first time so the kids are always outside. She cant hear them playing while inside so we decided to build her a playhouse for her birthday on October 3. We wanted to build the house for a reason – it was her birthday and shes not going to have many more.


Sherry says she has received hundreds of comments supporting her cause after she wrote about it on Facebook.


She has since written to Trading Standards and been in contact with the police over the building work, but her house is still a building site. A local tradesman, Paul Harvey, has offered to complete the work for free and has borrowed some materials but cant afford to buy more.


Sherry says he informed her that the original structure would need tearing down and rebuilding as it was not built on a concrete block, which meant the wood could rot away.In a bid to raise the money needed to complete the work, friends have begun fundraising. So far they have collected £74.


A police spokesman confirmed they had been in correspondence with Sherry about the incident. He said: We are aware of the allegations and have advised her to contact a small claims court and Trading Standards as it is a civil matter.


A spokesman for Trading Standards added: We always advise consumers to get several quotes for the work being considered; to ask friends and relatives for their recommendations if possible; to inspect work that they have done in the area before you make your decision and to look for recognised logos of trade associations which can be verified for the standard of work carried out.


To donate to the playhouse appeal log on to click on the send money tab and enter the e-mail address

If you have a few quid to spare and want to help them out then its a pretty good cause. They have set up a facebook group here where they are informing people how much money is left to raise.

The Cornishman did however print the paypal address wrong. The actual paypal address is