Staff Needed

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We are looking for two new drivers to come on board with the following skills and qualities:

  • Good, safe, responsible driving skills are an absolute must This is the single most important thing that we look for when we take someone on.
  • Smart appearance – We operate a shirt and tie policy at all times throughout the whole company.
  • Friendly and professional manner We have customers from just about every walk of life that you can think of. One minute you could be taking a little old lady shopping, and the next moment you could be taking a group of lads to a rugby match. You need to be able to get on with them all and make sure that they would recommend you as a driver and us as a company.

Other than the things listed above, you just need to be keen. We dont need anyone with any experience of driving taxis as we train you. Sometimes it is better if you havent done it before, especially if you have worked for every taxi company in Cornwall because we run things a lot differently to everyone else.

You need a licence from the council to drive a private hire vehicle and a taxi which you will have to get at your own expense. We have the forms that you need to fill in at the office, and we can help you with it all and can show you how to get funding for it, but the financial cost of it is your responsibility.

We supply the cars and equipment that you need other than a bluetooth headset, which you will need to get yourself.

There are a lot of misconceptions about driving taxis. A lot of people think that you only make money in the weekends, or that you are always dealing with drunk people. Neither of these are true with us. Youll make as much on a Monday morning than you will on a Friday night. You also dont need to know ever street in Cornwall. We have the technology in the cars (GPS trackers, Google navigation etc) so that we can direct you anywhere. It does help if you know your way around, but if not then well get you there. We cover such a large area that there is no way you can know every street, but we are set up in a way that we can deal with the navigation in the office for you.

If you are interested then either shoot me an email, give me a call, or pop in and see me in our booking office.