7 Seater Taxi

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7 Seater Taxi


After a lot of feedback from customers and local businesses, we have just added a 7 seater taxi to our growing line up of cars. We found a Peugeot Expert at a good price so we took the plunge and went for it.

The taxi itself adds a few more strings to our bow. For a start its a 7 seater taxi so we can carry more people at a time. Over the last couple of months we have tried our best to accommodate groups of people but the going back and forth doing multiple trips for one booking can be an inconvenience for the customer as well as burning a lot of fuel. The second advantage that we have is that it is also a wheelchair access taxi. This is something that a select group of people were asking us for and we think that would benefit us and the community. Our current drivers have the full passenger assistant training, so we know that if we make a booking which includes a customer in a wheelchair, we can carry them comfortably, legally but most importantly safely.

The taxi also has a hackney licence which gives us a bit more freedom to pick up customers where ever we like.

Both our new Peugeot Expert as well as our faithful Ford Modeo are available for bookings now, just please state when booking if you require our 7 seat taxi.

If anyone has any other ideas of how we can improve or provide a better service to you then as always feel free to mention it to us.