Using Instamapper For Taxis

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This post wont be of any interest to any of our customers, but is written for anyone looking to use instamapper while running a taxi company.

Instamapper is a free android app that sends a GPS reading to the instamapper server every set amount of seconds and displays it on a map. Every point is linked together with a line to show a path. That is all I want to and need to know about how it works. All of our cars have it running 24 hours a day weather someone is driving it or not.

The advantages for a taxi compnay like ours are as follows:

  • Dispatching becomes a hundred times easier because I can see exactly where my cars are. As long as I am aware of what is going on then a quick glance at my screen is usually enough to handle every call.
  • Customer service improves dramatically. I can call customers when there car is outside or pulling into their road which stops people waiting outside for their cab or the driver having to wait for the customer to come out to them.
  • Insurance  claims. There is a growing trend of people claiming that taxis are bumping into them. I guess they think that it is an easy way to get a quick insurance payout. I can look back and see exactly where my car was at any time and date.
  • I can see how fast my cars are going. Although this isnt any kind of indication if they are being driven carefully, it certainly helps.
  • Settling disputes with people not paying. The police are a lot more helpful now when people refuse to pay for their cabs. A quick combination of CCTV and instamapper can show them exactly when they entered the car and where they got out.

Its a tool that we use constantly to the point where I dont think we would be able to run efficiently without it. Since we have been open for business we have has it running 24 hours a day on multiple cars. There was some downtime for a few hours which was really hard to work around, but it is generally a sturdy piece of software.

The only costs are for the handset itself and the data package. We have a £12.00 per month package that covers all the calls (no need for radios) as well as 500 mbs of data per month. even with it running 24 hours a day, updating every 5 seconds, we dont come anywhere near the 500 mbs.

You can download the instamapper software from their website or from the android market.