Our First Month In St Just

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Ive been meaning to use this section of the site to use as a blog for some time now but never got around to doing it, so I thought Id write about our first month in our St Just office and our first month in business.

There were a few reasons why we chose St Just to open up our taxi office. For a start, we could see that there was a definitive gap on the market. Penzance town centre can be flooded with cabs shooting about, but getting a taxi from St Just can be an absolute nightmare sometimes and impossible at other times. Drivers arent usually willing to come out to St Just because its a long way to come out from town. If the customer either cancels or isnt there to be picked up then its a long way back without getting paid. Its just easier for them to stay around Penzance or to charge a premium. We figured that if we provided a dedicated service serving St Just and the surrounding areas then people will use us to bypass these problems.

Another reason that we chose St Just to set up base is because the town is on the up and up when a lot of places are on the downward swing. There is a lot going on in St Just and a lot of businesses that are doing better and better each year. Comparing it to a lot of other places in the country and you can see that the growth in the next few years is something that we want to be a part of.

So when we found a premises for our booking office we were over the moon.

The building itself is perfect for what we want. Its in just the right location so that we are a walking distance from The Square, but far enough from The Square that we dont get turned into a waiting room for people. Its not on a busy road which would make it impossible to stop outside and there is a car park right around the corner. There is a good bit of footfall from Shellys Salon next door as well as the primary school. We are also ideally located to launch a car in any direction.

So all in all we are extremely happy with our office and where it is.

In the first month of trading we were really surprised with the amount of support we have received from local residence and businesses. Everyone was happy to see a professional taxi company at reasonable prices open up. By all accounts it was damaging the local trade, which is heavily reliant on visitors, by not being able to guarantee to their customers that they could get out and about. Pubs, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, camp sites etc can now tell their customers that they can get a cab knowing that they can rely on it being there and exactly how much it will cost them.

We are starting to build up a lot of regular customers too which is the back bone of any taxi company. We always said that if someone uses us once, they will use us all the time. As long as we keep an eye on our customer service and professionalism, then well have a good shot of retaining them.

As always if there is anything that you would like to see us improve, or if you think that there is something that we need to add to our company then please please please let us know. We are looking for as much feedback as possible and are always looking to improve in what we do.

So all in all we are very happy with our first month and are excited about January. We would like to thank each and everyone of our customers during our first month and hope to see you all again soon.